Auto offering of pulmonary rehabilitation (HP187)

Auto offering of pulmonary rehabilitation (HP187)

This protocol will:
  1. ensure that patients are offered pulmonary rehabilitation to achieve the COPD008 QOF target

What does it actually do?

The protocol performs the following functions:
  1. When a user enters an MRC score the protocol will check the MRC score
  2. If the MRC score is at a level which requires referral (or offering of referral) for pulmonary rehabilitation the user is prompted to take the appropriate action

What does it look like?

Supporting CQC key areas

  • S4 Do staff have all the information they need to deliver safe care and treatment to people who use services?
  • E1 Are people’s needs assessed and care and treatment delivered in line with current legislation, standards and evidence-based guidance to achieve effective outcomes?
  • E3 Do all staff have the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver effective care and treatment?
  • E4 How well do staff, teams and services within and across organisations work together to deliver effective care and treatment?
  • R1 Are services delivered to meet people’s needs?
  • R2 Do services take account of the needs of different people, including those in vulnerable circumstances?
  • W1 Is there the leadership capacity and capability to deliver high-quality, sustainable care?
  • W2 Is there a clear vision and credible strategy to deliver high-quality sustainable care to people who use services, and robust plans to deliver?
  • W3 Is there a culture of high-quality, sustainable care?
  • W4 Are there clear responsibilities, roles and systems of accountability to support good governance and management?
  • W5 Are there clear and effective processes for managing risks, issues and performance?
  • W6 Is robust and appropriate information being effectively processed and challenged?
  • W7 Are the people who use services, the public, staff and external partners engaged and involved to support high-quality sustainable services?
  • W8 Are there robust systems and processes for learning, continuous improvement and innovation? 

System Dependencies:

Relies on using the clinical system to code MRC scores accurately

Fitting your practice

Your team need to be aware this protocol exists and will alert them when appropriate.

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