Bariatric search folder

Bariatric search folder

The Bariatric search folder is part of 012. Audit ready
The Bariatric folder contains a search and report which can be used for monitoring and audit purposes.

The search RWA-141) Had bariatric surgery identifies patients who have a code on their record indicating that a bariatric procedure has been carried out OR they have been referred or assessed for the bariatric surgery. This latter group may pick up patients who are on the waiting list, or subsequent coding of the procedure has not taken place.

The search has been designed with audit in mind so it only looks for codes added up until 'today'. This allows users to use a relative run date in the past and obtain data from a previous date without identifying patients had not yet been referred or operated on had the search been run on the intended date (ie: when the actual date is 01/10/2022 but the relative date is 01/04/2022, any new cases from the last 6 months will be ignored).

Users can look at the report to review patients from the search. In addition to referral and procedure columns, there are 4 sets of columns to highlight specific data points which are used in ongoing monitoring. Patients should have their FBC, LFT, creatinine, and HbA1c monitored at least annually. All results from the previous 12 months are shown.
  1. From a monitoring point of view, the search can be run 'today' to identify gaps in the 4 blood monitoring areas which can then be followed up with a blood test appointment. It may also be appropriate to check the patient record for inbound documents or even hospital lab results to see if these tests have been carried out elsewhere.
  2. From an audit point of view, a similar exercise can be carried out to review past performance of ensuring patients are up to date with their monitoring. We recommend audit intervals of 6 months to capture different times of the year. 

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