Chest x-ray search folder

Chest x-ray search folder

The Chest x-ray search folder is part of 012. Audit ready
This folder contains a search and associated report which can be used for monitoring and audit purposes

The search RWA-161 simply looks for any chest x-ray code from the past 3 months up until 'today'.

The search has been designed with audit in mind so it only looks for patients with a code within 3 months of the defined search date. This allows users to use a relative run date in the past and obtain data from a different 3 month period without pulling data which had not yet been added had the search been run on the intended date (ie: setting a relative run date of 01/04/2022 will look at the range 01/01/2022 - 31/03/2022, but no data added after 01/04/2022). 

The report helps to pull out the identified chest x-rays. The reports reveal the date of the imaging, as well as the comment added by whoever filed the result (if it was from a lab report). This may only be the beginning of investigations, so the report should help clinicians go straight to the record to review further information around this date.

It is possible that problem reviews of chest x-rays taken more than 3 months ago will be captured, as well as duplicate coding of events (such as a clinician coding the request, or the lab report returning more than 1 of the same code). These entries are likely to result in blank associated text fields.

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