COVID Recovery

COVID Recovery

As we begin to return to a 'normal' way of working having been upended by the pandemic, GP Practices will already know that a lot of patient care fell by the wayside. Primary Care IT has compiled some existing - as well as some new - searches to support you to identify patients most in need who may have been overlooked.

Our set of COVID recovery searches has been divided into three categories, reflecting the level of clinical need. The green-amber-red system was used by the RCGP to highlight work to concentrate on during the early phases of the pandemic.
  1. Priority 1 - high priority work which should have continued regardless to ensure the wellbeing of patients. This work was in the green column of RCGP's workload prioritisation document.
  2. Priority 2 - low priority work which can be postponed until a suitable time when it could be picked up again. This work was in the red column of RCGP's workload prioritisation document.
  3. OneRecall - to cover long term condition recall (mostly found in the amber column of RCGP's workload prioritisation document). OneRecall is a standalone suite of searches which your Practice might already use; for these customers we have created some extra searches to assist in the monthly recall cycle in conjunction with mass communications platforms such as Mjog and OneContact.

Priority 1 - searches to help catch up on essential work.

Once run, view the results via Audit Reports in the main Priority 1 folder.
- Learning disability reviews overdue
- High risk drug monitoring overdue
- Time sensitive QOF indicators
- Cervical screening overdue
- Childhood vaccinations missed

Priority 2

Once run, view the results in individual searches in the main Priority 2 folder.
- Target based QOF indicators (from OnePriority searches)
- Patient safety searches for hypertension, diabetes, CHD, asthma, COPD


For customers using OneRecall, we have produced some additional searches and reports to assist in managing the recall process, with helpful reports to upload patient lists into Mjog, OneContact, and the text messaging system.

The placeholder search "Monthly reports" needs to be moved between the monthly searches each month. To do this, edit the properties of the search and change the 'Results from' to the next month.
After moving the Monthly reports search, remember to re-run all searches in the folder for the most accurate list. If using Monthly reports to run the set, select Advanced Options and tick Run child searches.

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