How to see details of medication issued

How to see details of medication issued

This article shows you how to navigate your way around tthe medication screen to see details of previous drug issues.

Once a patient has been loaded, click on "Medication" to enter the patients medication screen:

This will take you to the medication screen seen below, where you can see current medication:

Looking at medication in the past:

If the medication you are looking for was issued in the past, you will need to switch to the past medication screen.  This can be done by clicking on the "Current/Past" button in the ribbon and selecting "Past" or "All courses":

If the list is too long, or you can't find what you're looking for:

Select the button "Grouping" to help you sort long lists of medication in different ways:

Sorting it by Emis Drug Group sorts it into groupings along BNF subcategories so you can see gastro or respiratory drugs grouped together.

Seeing detail once you've found the drug you're looking for:

Right hand mouse click on the drug to bring up the following menu:

Click on Drug History to show the history.  This will show you detail as shown below:

You can also select to show history for the same ingredients by selecting the second option.
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