LHP114 Polio Booster Campaign Template

LHP114 Polio Booster Campaign Template

This small handy protocol has been developed on request facilitate consistent coding of vaccination reports where the polio booster vaccination had been given elsewhere.
The handy protocol was built as a template rather than a protocol due to the additional and varied information which might be coming in from an external report; it is not easy to record actual vaccination dates, nor other important data points directly within a protocol, rather the user would have to edit the consultation at the end to input this other information.

The tool comprises a protocol to allow the template to be launched quickly via F12, and the template itself.


The template can also be used in Practice where the vaccination is being given for the purposes of the booster campaign. 
Section headings have been written with 3 sets of information (course name, vaccine formulation, brand names) to help guide the users to the relevant section. Hyperlinks in the top section of the template direct users to the latest UK Health Security Agency information about the campaign, as well as the vaccination algorithm poster.
The codes used in the template are all found in QOF or the 6IN1 Enhanced Service. 4th DTaP/IPV/Hib/HepB uses the parent code of 1st/2nd/3rd dose codes as there is no suitable equivalent.

Check the last coded dates on the right hand site for any previous vaccinations. For children who have received a full schedule, expect to see dates for the first 3 vaccinations. Due to the variations in coding pre-school boosters adolescent boosters, the last coded information for these may be missing if a different code had been previously used. For completeness it is worth checking the Immunisations list in Care History.
4th DTaP/IPV/Hib/HepB is the hexa booster which is being offered to children under 40 months.

The primary course section will be typically used for patients between the age of 12 months and 39 months (3 years 3 months), and should also be used to record vaccinations in older children who have not previously received their full set of 3 primary vaccinations.
The pre-school booster section will be used for patients between the age of 3 years 4 months up until their 6th birthday
The adolescent booster section will be used for patients between the age of 6 years and up until their 10th birthday

When using the template, tick the relevant vaccination and fill in all of the information as shown in the example below. For vaccinations given elsewhere, the GMS dropdown should be selected as GMS (Another Practice). 

Due to the way the 6IN1 Enhanced Service indicators are written it is unlikely any vaccines given as a specific campaign booster will be included in monthly claims. Typical monthly reported figures for the ES should only increase where scheduled uptake has improved amongst patients who have previously not received a full course of vaccinations for their age.


LHP114 can be added to a user's F12 pick list for speedy launching.
  1. Load a dummy patient
  2. Press F12
  3. Right click an empty letter - for coders doing a large batch we recommend slot A to reduce the number of keystrokes (just F12 then Enter)
  4. Search for 'LHP114' or 'polio booster'
  5. Select the protocol
  6. Double click to run the protocol/template

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