Prevalence improvement

Prevalence improvement

For 2021 the Prevalence Improvement searches have been updated to SNOMED and expanded to identify where patients may have a diagnosis for inclusion on your disease registers (based on codes or medication), and also missed QOF indicators. The set contains 61 searches across 18 QOF disease areas. Some may be a simple clinical coding exercise to include a patient in an indicator, while others may require additional work but will benefit your prevalence in the long run.

We suggest at the outset of using our tools you run these searches and work your way through the output.  The results are mirrored in our "Possible new diagnosis" tab on the OneTemplate Prescriber and on the Protocol Alert if you've chosen to activate this and also in our OneAnalytics platform.

We won't list every single search here - but for example the AF folder has the following searches contained within it:                                                                                                                                          

We recommend reading the description on each search (under the Details tab) to understand what each search does, and use the Check Patient feature under Patients Included to review why a patient is appearing in the search. Some searches have been separated into two or more to help manage the work by stratifying the results.

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