Registering with the Primary Care IT Website

Registering with the Primary Care IT Website

In order to register with the Primary Care IT website, click on the "Login/Register" menu item on the top right hand menu of the website:

Click on the "Not a member yet? Register now" link:

Fill in all the details and click "Submit". 
You must register with an account to access the website.  If you don't have an account and wish to access the website please contact 
You will now see this screen where you need to click on the "PCIT Hub":

You should then see the following screen:

The PCIT hub has a number of free resources which you can access from this page, including
  1. our practice income analysis tool
  2. COVID recovery resources
  3. COVID free resources
  4. COVID vaccination searches
  5. Red Whale resources

If you're a subscriber

Subscribers to the website are checked daily so that you are added to the subscribers hub automatically if you have a Primary Care IT subscription.  If you want earlier access you can click on the "Request Access" tab shown below the subscribers hub.  If you try to click on the subscribers hub and you haven't been added as a subscriber you will see the screen below:

Once you have been added, clicking on the subscribers hub should take you to the following page (this may look different depending on the resources we've created and have prioritised on the page):

To see information about accessing the Learning Hub or OneAnalytics, please see the relevant articles.
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