Resource publisher activation - Hereford and Worcester

Resource publisher activation - Hereford and Worcester

How to switch on the data sharing agreement for the deployment of PCIT tools via resource publisher

Navigate to the Data Sharing Manager section of EMIS by
  1. Click on the EMIS button
  2. Click on configuration
  3. Click on the data sharing manager
If you don't seee the Data Sharing Manager you don't have the appropriate RBAC permissions and will need to request this from a super admin.

You'll then see this screen:

Then perform the following actions:
  1. click on Resource publisher
  2. Click on "Worcestershire Resource Publisher" OR "Hereford Resource Publisher" (depending on your region)
  3. When this is selected in blue, then click on the green tick "Activate agreement"
You should then see the following screen:

Your share is now all set up!
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