Shielding update November 2020

Shielding update November 2020

We've created some resources to help you with the implementation of the 001559 Update on guidance for clinically extremely vulnerable individuals and actions for GPs 2nd November 2020.  You can request these here.  There are 3 actions that need completing following this letter:
  1. Patients with CKD who need reviewing and considering adding to the SPL (these should have been added centrally but we would suggest practices verify this)
  2. Patients with Down's syndrome who need reviewing and considering adding to the SPL (this is a definite practice action)
  3. and children who are on the SPL who need reviewing and possibly removing from the list.
The updated guidance for clinically extremely vulnerable patients is available here.  Patients should receive letters by the middle of the week commencing 1/11/20 which will seek to provide evidence for Statutory Sick Pay purposes if required.  Additional information following that publication for GPs surgeries will be shown here.

The guidance is that the vast majority of children and young people who have been reviewed to date using the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) guidance have been found to be no longer considered clinically extremely vulnerable.  We would suggest using the searches and then considering if your identified cohorts fit into either group A (definitely clinically extremely vulnerable) or group B (needs discussion on a case by case basis).

To import the searches into EMIS follow these instructions:                                                                                                                               

If you signed up to receive our resources you will have received a file called Shielding Nov 2020.xml.  You need to import this into your EMIS syste.  Make sure you know where you have saved this file e.g. on your desktop, in downloads or in documents on your computer - as you will need to find it again to import it into EMIS.

  1. Click on the EMIS button on the top left of your EMIS screen.
  2. Click on reporting
  3. Click on population reporting

This will take you to the following screen:

  1. Left hand mouse click on the name of your organisation
  2. Click add
  3. Select and click folder

This will display the following box:

We suggest you call this Primary Care IT and use it to house any resources you download from us - enter your chosen name and click ok.
  1. find the folder you have created and click on it so it is highlighted in light blue (you may need to scroll down - folders are displayed in alphabetical order
  2. Click on import on the top bar

The following window will display, click on the three red dots highlighted in the top right hand corner:

Now you need to locate the file Shielding Nov 2020.xml that you saved earlier and select this in the file browser that now shows and then click open:

You will now see the EMIS window displaying the searches as below, click ok and you've imported all the searches!

We've also created a protocol which allows you to change the appropriate risk codes following this work, called Coronavirus COVID-19 Risk Coding and Shielding Admin V14.xml - you can install this and then use it to change the risk of your patients.

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