Using Check Patient in searches

Using Check Patient in searches

EMIS Population Reporting has a handy feature called Check Patient which can help to understand why a particular patient is or isn't included. There are two methods for using it.

When a search has been run, the list of patients identified can be found under the Population Included tab. When you right click any patient, the bottom option is Check Patient. By selecting this, EMIS tests the search criteria against the individual and displays the result. It is possible to review how the patient passed each rule, and the final rule shown is ultimately why the patient was included. Helpfully, the code or medication will be shown, including the date to facilitate finding it in the record.

Where there are multi layer searches, it may be necessary to review why a patient was included in a parent search in addition to the final search.

When a patient is expected to feature in a search but doesn't, it is still possible to use Check Patient. Use the Check Patient icon on the ribbon: EMIS will automatically test any patient showing in the blue precis bar, otherwise it will open a Find Patient dialogue to load the patient required.

Running Check Patient on complex searches may take some time and EMIS may appear to be frozen. 

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