Why is a code available for picking for some users but not others

Why is a code available for picking for some users but not others

Some users find they are unable to select codes that others use, or that are in Local Enhanced Service specifications. The usual reason for some codes not being seen is because they are "EMIS codes". These are legacy codes that were usually created before the introduction of SNOMED CT, and have been retained in the clinical system as they are helpful and no alternative national SNOMED CT concept exists.

Visibility of EMIS codes can be managed at user level and organisation wide level.
If a code cannot be selected by anybody in an organisation, EMIS codes are selectable, it may be that the code has been deactivated in a recent MKB update.

Changing EMIS code visibility by a user 

  1. In a patient's record, add a code in Care History, or type a term within an open consultation then press F4. A Code Selector window will appear.
  2. Type the code term or concept ID into the search box. If nothing appears, press Options in the bottom left corner.
  3. If "Include EMIS codes in the search" is unticked, tick the box and press OK
  4. The code term / concept ID typed should immediately appear for selection.

Changing EMIS code visibility at organisation level

  1. To make this change, you must have access to Organisation Configuration.
  2. Open Organisation Configuration and click on Organisation in the lower left corner
  3. Press Edit on the ribbon
  4. On the first page (Organisation details), scroll down.
  5. Change "Display EMIS codes in the code picker?" to Yes (or no to hide them) 
  6. Press OK. Note that changes will not take effect until the next time a user logs in.

Changing such a setting at organisation level should be done with all users aware of the change (whether hiding or showing EMIS codes) as some users may already have a personal preference.
The organisation setting can always be overridden by the individual user.

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