Why is my patient in the list for recall?

Why is my patient in the list for recall?

A commonly asked question by users is "why has this patient been included in the list for recall?"

This is easy to find out.  If you go to the OneRecall folder in searches and find the search entitled "R) RECALL MASTER SEARCH - Recall Needed"

Further down the page select the "Patient Included" tab:
And then find your patient in the list (patients are listed alphabetically)
When you find the patient, right click on them and select "Check Patient":

Scroll to the bottom of the search list and the last rule that has been run will be the one that has triggered the recall for the patient.  You should see the code and the date.  It is not unusual when starting out with recall to have to tidy up codes as you go - e.g. patients who still have an active depression code from a few years back but are not on antidepressants and have been fine for years will need this diagnosis ending so it is no longer an active problem.  This is a one off job and a useful exercise to improve the coding within your practice.

If you are noticing bigger problems please contact our team who will be able to help and advise.
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