017 Weight ES

017 Weight ES

The latest version is 017 Weight ES v4.0.0
See our separate support article about the Weight Management Enhanced service for 2024/25 and the requirements for this.

This collection of searches has been designed to support Practices with the Weight Management Enhanced Service 2024/25. Built in line with the Enhanced Service criteria, searches are grouped by eligibility cohorts to assist in prioritising groups of patients to invite, and then to monitor uptake across each of the cohorts. A data quality folder offers searches to highlight missed or incorrect coding to ensure that all activity will be funded following the monthly CQRS extracts. 

This year there are 3 folders of searches available to use.

0) Cohorts

The cohorts folder allows you to comply with the requirement of the enhanced service to "Maintain your Obesity register, at a minimum, to the level it was at 31st March 2023.  If you run both searches, ES-W001 will show you the number of patients on your Obesity register as at 31st March 2023 and ES-W002 will show you your current obesity register

1) Work to do

The searches in this folder identify:
  1. Those who can be considered for referral now:
    1. BMI>27.5 after 1st April 2023 with a BAME background
    2. BMI >30 after 1st April 2023 with a non-BAME background
  2. Those who have previously had a raised BMI and need reweighing.
For those who are eligible for referral practices may wish to consider how they communicate with them about eligibility for referral.  For those who need reweighing, a text message to collect this information via your usual messaging platform would be an effective way of achieving this.

2) Data quality

This report will show you where a code for weight management referral has been made which doesn't count for the Weight Management ES.  These patients should be considered for being re-coded with one of the codes that counts:

Referral to weight management service
Referral to National Health Service Diabetes Prevention Programme (procedure)
Referral to total diet replacement programme (procedure)
Referral to National Health Service Digital Weight Management Programme (procedure)

Referral to National Health Service Tier 3 specialist weight management service (procedure)

Referral to National Health Service Tier 4 specialist weight management service (procedure)

3) Referred

The referred folder will give you your activity reporting for the numbers of patients referred to the weight management service for your Weight Management Enhanced Service

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