Flu Protocols

Flu Protocols

Setting up Flu protocols

There are 2 protocols for your use.  Our “just flu” protocol deals just with flu administration.  Our “opportunistic protocol” deals with not only flu, but smoking, AF screening, pneumo vaccination, shingles vaccination and dementia screening.  Depending on how you run your flu clinics you may want, all, some or none of these.  There are some steps you need to go through to set up your protocol: 

Setting batch numbers 

This is needed for fluenz and for flu.  The first MCQ that needs altering is for fluenz and is found at the bottom left of the protocol and looks like this: 

In the highlighted box enter the batch number or numbers you have in stock (making sure it is for FLUENZ), then in the “add coded data” boxes seen above you need to enter the same batch numbers.  If you have more than one batch number you will need to create duplicate loops with exactly the same components. 

For flu the area of the protocol you need is: 

You will see the following modules and need to edit both the coded data elements in the centre of the screen to include the batch numbers for your flu vaccines.  There are two areas the same - one for trivalent and one for quadrivalent - make sure you put the details needed into both of these.

Rest of the protocol 
The protocol follows the order -> allergy checking ->child checking (goes straight to fluenz bypassing rest)-> smoking status up to date -> dementia screening needed-> shingles vaccine eligible-> pneumonia vaccine eligible ->influenza vaccination->AF screening.  If you want to just deal with flu then bypass straight from the “age GTEQ 18 concept at the top left to the “which arm did you inject” seen above and then from “success” of “Launch add a drug” to the “complete diary entry for seasonal influenza vaccination”.   
If you want to deal with the others there are a couple of areas you need to consider in light of how your own flu clinic works.  You will see within the protocol 2 display text boxes that have “ENTER LOCAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR P….” written in them.  This is for you to edit and enter your local instructions as to how you want these patients to be directed.  If you want your staff to simply vaccinate immediately, you could just link these to the OneTemplate (if you are a subscriber) which will allow you to do this.

Previously declined flu protocol

This protocol is best set to trigger on booking an appointment.  In that way your admin team will be alerted that this patient hasn’t had their flu jab last year and has declined it in previous years.  In this way they can give the patient the information about the importance of influenza immunisation, but then also record them declining it, if that is their choice.  You can see in the protocol below that the display text suggests that after your flu jab day you may wish to enter some specific information about further flu days or go straight to appointment booking, we will leave you to edit this.  We would suggest early in the season you set it to bypass this box, or it will pop up for most patients, however have left it like this so you can see how you would amend it later in the season. 

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