IIF Outstanding Alert (HP161)

IIF Outstanding Alert (HP161)

IIF Outstanding (HP161)


IIF Outstanding is a protocol alert. It displays outstanding action needed for IIF for the year 2023/24. If a user double clicks on the alert it will take them to a template where the required actions can be completed. 

The set of payment indicators for IIF has been drastically slimmed down for 2023/24. To avoid duplication of alerts we have not included either of the flu indicators (VI-02 and VI-03) in this protocol, meaning it will display for patients eligible for Learning Disability health checks and patients who have not had a QFIT result prior to a fast track cancer referral.
Some indicators seen in IIF for 2022/23 have been retained as part of the PCN DES. These have been transferred to separate alerts HP231 Target for SMR and HP232 Consider PCSP.

Resource type:



This protocol alert is part of the PCIT Toolset

What does it do?

The IIF outstanding alert appears in the red box in EMIS Web, if you hover over the alert it will tell you the actions that are outstanding for the patient being reviewed (there may be more than one action).
The 5th IIF indicator, ACC-08 (Percentage of appointments where time from booking to appointment was two weeks or less), cannot be measured using a red box alert.

Why is it important?

Write why the protocol important here

What does it look like?

Here is an example screenshot of the protocol:

You can double click this protocol alert it and it will take you to a template to action the outstanding actions.

The template that opens will give you even more specific information about the patients needs for each indicator (see screenshot below). Unlike all indicators last year, the requirements for CAN-02 present a challenge for reminding users of work to be done since generating a lower GI/colorectal fast track referral is too late if a QFIT has not already been done. Instead the alert and associated template will remind the user of the lack of a QFIT and offer some possible solutions.

How to get it

We are installing this alert to customers who request it. Please log into the Subscriber hub on our website, then go to the IIF Resources box, to request install of these resources. Alternatively, you can request an optional protocol to be installed by raising a support ticket, please click here to submit a ticket.

System Dependencies


System Triggers

System trigger: Load patient record
Run mode: Always run
Enable trigger for: All job categories (unless you wish for this to be available for a specific category only)

Change management considerations

If your practice has internally approved this protocol alert, you will need to let the relevant team members know it will appear in the alert box within EMIS Web. It may change the way in which you complete the IIF requirements. It's worth any practice team members who will be using this Handy protocol to review the updated IIF indicators as well as this support article so they fully understand it.

HP current version number: 4.0.0

Change history:


Published May 2023 

Combined HI-01 and HI-02 to create HI-03 concepts and template. 

Updated CAN-01 concept logic to CAN-02. 

Removed all retired indicators from template and concept logic. 


Published 05/01/2023. 

Added exclusion picklist to CVD-05 in template. 

Added last entry for creatinine result in SMR-03 in template, plus warning information about Cockcroft-Gault calculation. 

Updated concept logic to reflect latest business rules within CAN-01, SMR-01B, CVD-04, CVD-05. 
Fixed concept date logic within CVD-05, HI-01. 

Updated concept code lists within RESP-01. 


Published 24/10/2022. 
Amended recent changes to business rules (CAN-01, SMR-03) 
Fixed alert info for HI-01 to show "HI-01: needs LD healthcheck + care plan" 

Changed rationale fields for SMR to section headers (previous version didn't work with Resource Publishing). 

Added creatinine clearance to SMR-03 

Improved indicator explanation for RESP-01 


Published 22/09/2022.  

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