Red Whale Searches Autumn/Winter 2023

Red Whale Searches Autumn/Winter 2023

Primary Care IT has partnered with Red Whale to produce searches to support suggested audits in the Red Whale Autumn/Winter 2023 GP Update Handbook.

These searches are available for EMIS Web and TPP SystmOne.  The searches cover the following topics:
  1. Atrial ablation and not anticoagulated
  2. Bariatric
  3. CKD
  4. Diabetes
  5. DOAC and valvular AF
  6. Heart failure
  7. Insomnia
  8. Metformin and renal function
You can access the searches on our main website

For EMIS users, the searches will download from the website and you can then import these into your own system.  We have an article to support you in doing this here.

For TPP SystmOne users, request to join our organisational group and complete the form on the website to gain access to the reports.  We will then add you to our share group for the Red Whale resources.

EMIS specific information:

Most searches have a report attached which expands the information required to complete audits, saving time trawling through records. The descriptions in the searches and reports offer some guidance on what is being searched for.

The searches have been written with retrospective audit in mind. The relative run date function in EMIS Web allows users to set a date in the past for historic data gathering which will only look at data up to that point. Setting a relative run date of 30/09/2021 will show data as if you had run it on that day; data subsequently added will not be shown; the last 3 months of medication would show prescriptions from July/August/September 2021; the last 12 months would only show data from 01/10/2020 to 30/09/2021.
See our article on running searches to learn how to set a relative run date.

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